Who we are?

European Investments combines the classical real estate investment engagement with a flair to create value for its investors, either on the macro level (new territories with upscale potential) or on the micro level (optimize the lay-out/fit out of existing assets).

We add to the knowledge and to the services of a real estate investment mission for individuals the competencies and experience of advising and managing assets for institutional investors.

Our mission is to bring to our clients best value-add opportunities in each market and a real diversification, always inspired by an opportunistic and financial angle, which derived from the outstanding pan-european track record of its partners and managers over last two decades.

We propose mainly territories with value-add creation potential, and within them, only the best projects we have identified and selected. We assist investors within a one-stop-shop engagement, taking into account financial, legal, structural and tax constraints.

European Investments has offices in London, Tallinn, Prague and Alicante.

Alexis Bui : I have spent last two decades to search and hunt in Europe the best new and promising markets, to establish there real partnerships with selected local people, bringing competencies and local knowledge, in order to bring to my institutional and individual investors, international and French, the best alternative investment opportunites.